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Michael Miller

Michael is an Idaho native and has a deep history and knowledge of the Treasure Valley. He has a natural propensity for customer service and intuitively knows what type of property his client is looking for. He has an ability to observe what the client’s needs are and listen to their wants, which has gotten him the success he has achieved today. Michael has an entrepreneurial spirit, so customer service and people skills are in his DNA. He knows that he can’t change the world for everybody, but the right property can change someone’s life and carries that purpose into each transaction

Tom Wheeler

With 7 years of real estate experience in over 5 states, Tom takes a unique approach to ensuring his clients achieve real estate success. Tom co-owns another successful real estate brokerage located in Minnesota by the name of Wheeler Group, and prides himself on his role and responsibility as a realtor by engaging in and leading the LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance. As President of Idaho’s first Alliance Chapter, Tom is paving the way and creating positive change for LGBTQ+ homeowners.


Wyatt Gassiot

Wyatt is a dedicated and experienced real estate professional who prioritizes genuine connection throughout his work. With a deep understanding of the market and a passion for building meaningful relationships,

Wyatt goes beyond the intricacies of a successful transaction to provide exceptional client experiences. He combines his professional expertise with a personalized approach, ensuring that each client feels heard and supported throughout their real estate journey.

Wyatt’s commitment to understanding his clients’ needs, coupled with his market knowledge, makes him the ideal partner for those seeking a seamless and rewarding real estate experience.

Paige McKinney

As a dedicated advocate for positive change, Paige is fueled by a profound passion for making a difference in people’s lives. With a genuine love for helping and supporting others, she is committed to creating a more inclusive and representative environment for all.
Through kindness and empathy, Paige strives to foster a supportive and collaborative atmosphere where every individual feels valued and empowered.
With a keen understanding of the transformative impact of compassion, she is enthusiastic about leveraging her non-profit skills and administrative experience to contribute meaningfully to HomeFound’s mission.



Sarah McVean

Sarah McVean is the founder of McVean & Co Transaction Services and collaborator at the HomeFound Group as their dedicated Transaction Coordinator. Originally from Temecula, California, she moved to Boise after enrolling at Boise State University in 2015. She met her husband during her freshman year and they got married on a snowy day in Garden Valley in 2019. Together, they have made Boise their home!

Sarah partners with Treasure Valley’s real estate agents, offering administrative support for clients embarking on their buying or selling journey. She strives to add value to every relationship and every conversation she has, which is the driving force behind her business. Her dedication to making each transaction seamless and stress-free stems from her desire to help others through life’s changing seasons.

You will likely spot Sarah at a local coffee shop in her free time, or strolling the greenbelt with her husband and their pup, Banjo.

Mya Swint

Being a part of the disability community with Arthrogryposis, Mya has consistently embraced advocacy and inclusivity, which align perfectly with Homefound’s core values. Experiencing discrimination firsthand gives her a unique perspective in life and how she communicates with others.

As the social media marketing manager for Homefound, Mya takes immense pride in her role, as it allows her to effectively convey and promote Homefound’s values through HomeFound’s digital platforms.

Mya is grateful for the creative freedom and meaningful work Homefound has provided, allowing her to connect with a diverse and inspiring community of individuals within the Treasure Valley.


Erika Oaas

Erika Oaas is a Boise native who returned to her hometown after exploring various facets of the marketing industry. With a diverse background in marketing, Erika has lent her expertise to multiple areas within the field. In addition to her marketing ventures, she is also a co-owner of a local cafe, contributing to the community with her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for good food.

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